Quantum Entanglement Practicum

In the quantum entanglement practicum, you will perform a Bell inequality measurement to demonstrate quantum entanglement.

The original idea of entanglement was proposed by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen. You can download the article here: Download pdf, reading this article is part of the preparation for the practicum. Another article you should read is the article by Kwiat et al Download pdfthat reports a quantum entanglement measurement with a setup very close to what you will be using.

You should also download and read the manual we wrote for this lab: Download pdf

We have also prepared lab instructions that can be downloaded here: Download pdf

A video explaining the role of each component in the setup will further help you understand the experiement:

Quantum Entanglement ZwillerLab

A good introduction to quantum entanglement is given in these videos:
Entanglement history1 and history2
We also recommend these videos: entanglement part1part2part3part4


What you need to do before starting the lab:

1- read the Einstein and the Kwiat articles.

2- watch the video on the setup

3- read the lab manual

4- read the lab instructions

5- think about all this and prepare questions.